The Contrary Cowgirl
A Mans Hands

Calloused but gentle they stroke the dog twice
Yet strong the grasp that breaks the ice
Shorter winters sure would be nice
They know the seasons and all they bring
From hot summer days to winters icy sting
Hugging the grandkids makes his heart sing
Throttles and shifters, wrenches and drills
Johnny Black for an occasional thrill
Be nice to escape mid winter's chill
From shovels and pitchforks tossing manure
Squeeze chute or shotgun, the grip quite secure
Babies and bibles to the heart held sure
All that he does is done on the land
Time slipping away like grains of sand
Life reflected in the mirror of his hands 

©Claudia Conger, 2011


You’ve all heard it… sitting out there
Sometime around forty you must cut your hair
I say to hell with ‘em, go on let ‘em stare
I’ll wear it as I like it… any time, any where
It’s my mane, you see, I’ll do as I please
If I get a hankering it’ll grow to my knees
to wrap around two in a cool evening breeze
course with regular dips to prevent ticks and fleas
I could be like Rapunzel with a Great Basin list
A 60 foot braid with a right handed twist
  To doctor big calves , tow rigs into fix
  Heck, I could even learn some new rope tricks 
  Stay in touch with your filly, don’t be an old mare 
  Let it fly in the wind, your power, your hair 

©Claudia Conger, 2011

                  Bad Draw 

First Novel in the NFR Series

Josh still couldn’t get the blood out of his mind, how fast it spread across the concrete, like the oil slicks he’d seen in the gulf off Galveston. So shiny, almost hypnotic as it reflected the lights from sheriff’s cruiser. It wasn’t how he saw his run for the World ending. However, this was a new year for the tall, handsome bull rider from Rush Springs, Oklahoma.

He didn’t have much, what with the home place nearly lost to the bank and his wife run off, but he had hope. With the insurance money, he got his Dodge running and made it down to the Texas Circuit Finals. Coupled with that little barrel racer that slipped her hand between his thighs on the bleachers at Waco, it looked like the trip to Denver was going to be a good one.

Yes sir, little Cierra Cooper was the definition of bad packaged in a tight pair of Cruel Girls and black ostrich boots. She made him a proposition, if he’d drive her rig she’d make sure the road to the indoor rodeos would be a lot more comfortable for him. Not to mention, warmer.

Why not? Her daddy owned the biggest Chevy dealership in Texas, he could afford a driver for his little girl. The money would help Josh finish the two most important things in his life; qualify for the NFR, and find out who wanted him dead. And, if he had to keep the black haired beauty happy, he was, after all, a professional cowboy.

Spyder stayed in the shadows, he didn’t miss much. History repeats itself, it might take 30 years, but it always comes back to bite you in the ass. He saw what was happening by the time they hit Houston. He had no choice but to put an end to it in Calgary. Now, six months later, he’s faced with the same decision, as both he and Josh head toward Vegas. 

Bad Draw will be available December 2014.

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