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Living The Dream

I awoke from a dream about a wonderful life.
In a place filled with sunshine, f
ree of tears, pain and strife.
Where I slept all night long, never tossed, never turned.
Drank margaritas without a bit of heartburn!

Rode the hills in the morning, hiked the washes at twilight,
Cooked steak over mesquite, swam naked by moonlight.
Had the pleasure to write as my daily toil.
With plenty of time to work in the soil.

Built a life with a man that I knew truly loved me.
Filled a home full of memories that made us both happy.
No rush hour, no drama, no more stinking stress.
No “Keeping up with the Jones”, no more “Dress for Success”.

The alarm brought me back to the world as I know it.
While I shook off the sleep I could see how it fit.
I still drink tequila, but in moderation.
Find time to write, and sneak off on vacation.

Where I ride in the desert, tell tales and swap stories.
Get covered with dirt, shed some of my worries.
With friends, health and humor I’ve been truly blessed.
But with men I could use a bit more common sense.

Now, I’ve got a great guy a big, furry chap,
He sheds and he smells, lays his head in my lap.
He farts and he’s lazy, but he loves me like crazy.
He’d lay down his own life trying to protect me.

My friends are worth more than money or gold.
We refuse to grow up, and we hate gettin’ old.
The good Lord’s been with me on my road, smooth and rough.
See’s me through hard times, makes sure there’s enough.

So, while it’s not perfect… and there are days I could scream.
When all’s said and done, I’m still living the dream!

©2012 Claudia Conger - The Contrary Cowgirl

The Seventh Devil

(Commission for Dave Stucker's 70th birthday)

I’ve heard the legend, the myth and the lore

Of a man that has been there and done that and more

Rubbed elbows with Batman and showed him his scars

Talked of elk and fast horses and champs of Nascar

Packed in the famous and infamous stars

Shared golf stories with Pros but couldn’t break par

Rowdy and handsome a sight to behold

when he walked in the bar there were tales to be told

of roping and hunting and cattle and chores

fun clients he’d had and the occasional bore

of his fights at Perks and the women he’d kissed

and those high dollar horns he couldn’t believe he missed

A life led with passion and thrills at each turn

He found love in his way, on his own terms

A collie named Tip that would ask ‘em then nip

Took him just thirty seconds to make the full trip

From the box to the stripping chute, a hundred times a day

Ol’ Tip, he wouldn’t have done it any other way

From the truck to the mountains, Tip, he was there

A nuzzle, a paw, to show Dave he cared

Like good Pendleton whiskey, was stout, smooth Rye

Honest and true, black as indigo dye

No steer could outrun him though a few they did try

He gave Dave his all till the day that he died

Wife number three kinda came outta nowhere

A beautiful redhead, that cut off his long hair

A good Christian gal with a heart full of love

Sent down to save him from heaven above

For near thirty years it’s been elk camp and cow shit

But neither of them would change it one bit

They’ve fought and they’ve loved, shouted and shoved

But stuck tight to each other, friends… partners… lovers

Some things change like the Seven Devils fate

They’ve changed the old name to Heavens Gate

They do it the new way, no donkeys for bait

Damn old bear camp just isn’t the same

Some things don’t change like the curl on his rope

Like those he’s cussed , taken in, given hope

Now don’t get me wrong, Im not sayin’ he’s Pope

But he’s a damn site better than the ordinary roper

When the good Lord wants him, He’ll just have wait

There are fresh steers to break in and weeds to spray

The Lord even knows that He won’t choose the day

‘Cause when Dave does something…. he does it Dave’s way.

©2011 Claudia Conger- the Contrary Cowgirl

Let us Be Young


Float me across the dance floor

Spin me round and round

Hold me tight and dip me down

Until my hair can brush the ground


Your fingers linger on my waist

My gaze upon your eyes

We dance upon the desert floor

Beneath the moonlit sky


Put your arms around me

Slip your hand beneath my shirt

Brush your lips across my neck

Let us slip into our youth


Then as we sit around the fire

Draw me ever nearer

So I might see that bold young man

Absorb the missing years


Once we’re there let’s never leave

Discard the bonds of time

And dance our dance atop this earth

Our hands and hearts entwined

                                                    Copyright 2011 – Claudia Conger

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